Understand why Dry Shampoos are a must Have

Only those who have oily hair know the difficulty of keeping hair clean and opaque. Thus, a lot of time is spent between the ritual of washing the hair, drying out, and in many cases still performing the process of straightening or anything else, so that is why it is important to know the best dry shampoo.

However, the cosmetics industry thinking about these problems faced by many people has created dry shampoo. The product comes in a spray bottle, does not wet the hair and is applied to the threads through “powder” jets. Certainly this product is not directed to a real cleaning of the wires and the scalp, but rather to provide a clean appearance to the locks. With this feature, the product is an important help of the days running that do not allow a greater time to be invested in a beauty ritual.

Understand the benefits of dry shampoo

Dry shampoo may be crucial for women who have always had a desire to trim fringe, but oily hair has always been a limiter, but it can also optimize the time of those women who risked cutting, but are currently hostages of intense hair washes.

Too much washing can also fade the colored threads. In this situation, the shampoo can act as a color extender as it prevents frequent washes. This product has long been a trend abroad and is now also available in the whole world to make life easier for many women, especially due to the hot climate of our country, a factor that does not cooperate with oily hair. See more

The product has been steadily improved and new versions have been released, such as those for dark hair, those designed to create volume, and those packaged in smaller bottles, fit for travel or carry in the handbag. The matt effect is also a highlight of the dry shampoo, which can also work as a finisher in the hairstyle.

How Dry Shampoo Works and How to Use It

The high point of the product is precisely in the absorption of the oil that is exerted by the “powder” that is sprayed on the root of the hair. The hair looks opaque, clean looking and with the pleasant odor that the product offers, so it will be imperceptible that your hair has not been washed.

In the application it is valid to take greater attention in areas where oiliness is most intense and where it is most apparent, such as on the sides of the head for example. The application process is very fast and can be done in a few minutes. See the steps below to learn how to use dry shampoo correctly:

·         Shake the product can for a few seconds.

·         Divide the hair into strands.

·         Apply the product to the wires at an average distance of 30cm.

·         Let the product act for a few moments.

·         Massage the scalp so the product spreads.

·         Brush the hair to remove excess product on the wires.

See, now it is time for you to try the best dry shampoos!

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