Top three best dry shampoos


As we know that daily shampooing strip away the excess amount of oil from hair resulting in dryness and damage. Therefore, here comes dry shampoo to rescue our hair from dullness and damage. Dry shampoos are cleansers which removes extra oil from hair without the requirement of water. It comes in powder form and mostly comes in aerosol sprays.Dry shampoo mainly consists of corn starch or rice starch.

 How to use dry shampoo:

Before discussing the best dry shampoos, it is equally important to know how to use a dry shampoo so that you may get whole fruits from dry shampoo. Therefore, keep following points in mind when you are going to use dry shampoo. These are:


  • Just use dry shampoo dry hair as it only works on dry hair. Therefore, never spray your dry shampoo onto wet or newly washed hair.


  • When you are going to use dry shampoo, make it sure to use the dry shampoo not less than 6 inches far from the scalp. Otherwise, you’ll get an excessive build up, and you will face a tough time to separate it out through your hair.


  • After spraying dry shampoo onto your scalp, do not touch your hair again and again. otherwise, the regular oils in your fingertips will just make your hair greasy and oily once more.
  • Try not to apply dry shampoo directly at the top of your head. Doing so will leave your hair with white residues on your hair strands, and it won’t add volume to your hair as well. Thus, lift the top layer of hair and spray underneath at the root so you can hide white residues.

Top three best dry shampoos:

  1. Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk:

This dry shampoo recipe effectively cleanses and invigorates hair. It contains oat milk to give smoothness and corn and rice starches to absorb extra oil. Highly suggested for all hair types and adds volume leaving hair renewed, smooth, and good looking. The product is paraben and sulfates free. Moreover no colorants and sodium chloride  free as well.

  1. Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo Dark Tones:

It is the shampoo that soaks up excess oil; scalp build up and fragrant to leave hair revived and purified, without leaving a dull, powdery deposit. Moroccanoil’s Dry Shampoo Dark Tones formulated for dark hair tones, it keeps up the lavishness of dark shaded hair, without leaving a dull, pale deposit. This argan oil-infused dry shampoo shields from UV beams while freshening up and leaving your hair with the Moroccanoil aroma. Formula is free of parabens and phthalates.

  1. Living ProofPerfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo Ornament:

Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo is made to leave hair looking clean between shampoos. Its triple-action technology has odor neutralizers and a fragrance lasts the whole day. The healthy hair module2, OFPMA, diminishes surface friction on the hair to remove powders effortlessly. Formula is free of Parabens Sulfates and Phthalates

In the end, we have discussed the key features of best dry shampoos and their properties above. We hope that it will help you to choose one for you. In too much busy schedules, dry shampoo comes to rescue our

hairs in between the shampoos.