Early to Bed to Shop Online

Socializing became a big part of my job when I got promoted last year.  Schmoozing with clients was not something I was good at doing.  I’m one who goes by “early to bed, early to rise,” though I might not be any wiser for it.  I had to get used to keeping a set of items stashed in my office for dinners and Meet Ups, First Fridays and other events that were sometimes held on the other side of the city.  I’m lucky a friend told me about using dry shampoo.  I had heard of the concept, but didn’t expect it to be the one thing that helped me feel confident about my appearance.  My hair tends to be oily and problematic.  Using a Groupon, I found a supplier of quality dry shampoo, which I now keep in my office.  It has been just the thing to get me through those nights of unavoidable business meetings.

It was at one of those meet-and-greets that I encountered a woman who became a fast friend.  She let me in on one of her go-to saves – Overstock.com, and we talked for over an hour about the new items she had purchased for every room in her house using Groupons for Overstock.  I asked how she felt about not seeing the items in person, and she said she often found them at other stores, or found something close enough approximate what she saw on Overstock.  Besides, the returns were easy to do, and shipping is free.  She said she no longer frets about not being home when a new item arrives because someone in the family is there to get it. She said now that her preschoolers are getting older, they don’t care about a box unless they get to play with it.

She said she learned to trust the power of the internet after skipping the Black Friday mid-night madness last November.  Instead of standing out in the cold waiting to fight over the last $99 food processor, she shopped from the comfort of her easy chair and the items arrived just fine.  We talked more and exchanged numbers.  We now see each other on a regular basis.  I’ve shared the secret of dry shampoo with her, and we both enjoy talking about our latest finds on Overstock.com.