Dry shampoo: get to know this life saver

Dry shampoo has become a true hit; it does a superficial and instant cleaning on the hair, removing that aspect of greasy or very oily hair. There are many different types of dry shampoos and they are usually not that expensive. The cans are usually very compact, allowing users to take them wherever they go. Picking the best dry shampoo for you will vary on a few things. Let´s learn more about this revolutionary product first.

How isdry shampoo packaged?

For those who do not know, it is a spray, which comes in the same tin as the hairstyle fixer know? Then you apply at the root and after a few seconds comb the hair, and the shampoo it absorbs the oiliness of the hair and gives a small volume leaving the wires looser. It’s a very dry cleaning, very provisional on a day when you need a lot to be with beautiful hair but do not have time to wash the bangs.

Who is dry shampoofor?

Dry shampoos fit very well in this kind of situation:

  • Last-Minute Commitment;
  • For those who do gym and do not want to wash their hair every day;
  • For those who have the oily root and want to hold another day without washing;
  • For those who have colored hair with colors that fade very easy in the wash and want to wash less;
  • For those who make a brush or flat and want to prolong the effect, staying a day or two more without washing;
  • For those who have low volume and want to do a hairstyle, then you apply at the root and gives a UP;
  • For those who want to remove odors of cigarette type hair, fried foods, barbecue, etc.

How to usedry shampoo?

The ideal is to spread thedry shampoos on the hair in a few strands, so you can apply the product near the root, but not directly on the scalp, because the powder can clog the pores and damage hair growth.

Add about 20-30 centimeters away from the hair and spray the spray. Repeat the process throughout the hair, and wait a few minutes for the wire to absorb the product and then brush the hair.

It is important to brush or comb to remove the white layer that remains on the hair.

Watch out!

Dry Shampoo should not be used too often, we recommend at most once a week because it clogs the pores and can impair growth and even cause inflammation if used too often.

  • Washing the hair is the only way to clean them well and remove all the waste.
  • If your hair is too thin the shampoo can instead of leaving the wires loose, make them stick closer together.
  • Dry shampoo tends to dry the hair with frequent use.
  • When you use dry shampoo your wires become more opaque, lack luster.
  • If you want to enjoy great results then it is completely worth it investing in the best dry shampoos.